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Sugeng Supriadi, S.T., M.S.Eng., Ph.D


Department of Mechanical Engineering

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Tailoring mechanical properties and degradation rate of maxillofacial implant based on sago starch/polylactid acid blend
Whulanza, Y., Azadi, A., Supriadi, S., Rahman, S. F., Chalid, M., Irsyad, M., Nadhif, M. H. & Kreshanti, P.
Jan 2022, Heliyon. 8, 1, e08600.

Fabrication of a Lotus-type Porous Material to be Applied in Heat Pipe Wick
Supriadi, S., Putra, N., Ariantara, B., Indhiarto, I.
Evergreen, 2021, 8(4), pp. 855–860

Effect of the carbamide content on the preparation of porous Ti6Al4V using arc plasma sintering method
Annur, D., Triwardono, J., Rokhmanto, F., Kartika, I., Dimyati, A., Supriadi, S. & Suharno, B.
10 Aug 2021, AIP Conference Proceedings, 2021, 2382, 030007

Additive manufacturing of metallic based on extrusion process: A review
Nurhudan, A.I., Supriadi, S., Whulanza, Y., Saragih, A.S.
Journal of Manufacturing Processes, 2021, 66, pp. 228–237

Evaluating miniscrew performance using pull out and driving torque test
Maladzi, R., Supriadi, S.
AIP Conference Proceedings, 2021, 2344, 020023

Design, development, and finite element study on the novel biomimetic lumbosacroiliac prosthesis
Supriadi, S., Rachman, P., Saragih, A. S., Whulanza, Y., Rahyussalim, A. J. & Triwidodo, A.
AIP Conference Proceedings, 2021, 2344, 050021

Concept design and stress evaluation on modular mini plate for complex fracture maxillofacial trauma
Hasan, A.A.A.F., Supriadi, S., Kreshanti, P., Umas, R.A., Whulanza, Y.
AIP Conference Proceedings, 2021, 2344, 050016

Processing and characterization of porous titanium for orthopedic implant prepared by argon-atmospheric sintering and arc plasma sintering
Annur, D., Rokhmanto, F., Thaha, Y. N., Kartika, I., Dimyati, A., Supriadi, S. & Suharno, B.
Materials Research, 2021, 24(6), ee20210122

Synthesis, Structural Characterization, Degradation Rate, and Biocompatibility of Magnesium-Carbonate Apatite (Mg-Co3Ap) Composite and Its Potential as Biodegradable Orthopaedic Implant Base Material
Rahyussalim, A. J., Marsetio, A. F., Kamal, A. F., Supriadi, S., Setyadi, I., Pribadi, P. M., Mubarok, W. & Kurniawati, T.
Journal of Nanomaterials, 2021, 2021, 6615614

Evaluating the Gear Stress of Novel Reverse Rotation Bit Manual Screwdriver Design for Miniscrew Implants
Umas, R.A., Supriadi, S., Whulanza, Y., Hasan, A.A.A.F., Kreshanti, P.
Journal of Mechanical Engineering, 2021, 18(1), pp. 175–192