About Us


Research Center for Biomedical Engineering (RCBE) is a newly developed research center at the Faculty of Engineering Universitas Indonesia, aimed at providing active contribution to solve real-world problems in communities related to the human health based on the competencies and expertise owned by engineering researchers. This area of research can be thought as the application of engineering principles or engineering instruments to the biological or medical systems. In running its activities, the center has been actively collaborating with colleagues from health related institutions such as Faculty of Medical, Faculty of Dentistry, Faculty of Pharmacy, Faculty of Nursing, and Faculty of Public Health in Universitas Indonesia as well as domestic industries and overseas institutions.


To become an excellent research center in biomedical engineering to contribute to the society in the field of health and medical applications

Our Mission

To be active in multidisciplinary research on human health for local and global needs based on engineering competency and expertise

To increase utilization of natural-indigenous resources for enhancing the quality of human health

To develop materials, devices, and technologies for medical applications

To collaborate with health-related stakeholders including academics, communities, industries, and government to accelerate the implementation of research products in society