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Prof. Dr. Yudan Whulanza, S.T., M.Sc

Department of Mechanical Engineering

Latest Publications:

Tailoring mechanical properties and degradation rate of maxillofacial implant based on sago starch/polylactid acid blend
Whulanza, Y., Azadi, A., Supriadi, S., Rahman, S. F., Chalid, M., Irsyad, M., Nadhif, M. H. & Kreshanti, P.
Jan 2022. Heliyon. 8, 1, e08600.

Heating Characterization of Low Energy Consumption Lab-on-a-Chip
Irwansyah, R., Juana, F., Whulanza, Y., Charmet, J.
Evergreen, 2021, 8(4), pp. 872–878

Additive manufacturing of metallic based on extrusion process: A review
Nurhudan, A.I., Supriadi, S., Whulanza, Y., Saragih, A.S.
Journal of Manufacturing Processes, 2021, 66, pp. 228–237

Realizing textured electrode for electrochemical biosensor using homemade CNC desktop
Arafat, Y.B., Whulanza, Y.
AIP Conference Proceedings, 2021, 2344, 050019

A low cost, off-the-shelf bioreactor as enabling technology for physiological modeling
Utomo, M.S., Nadhif, M.H., Bayani, G.F.E., Whulanza, Y.
AIP Conference Proceedings, 2021, 2344, 050017

Design, development, and finite element study on the novel biomimetic lumbosacroiliac prosthesis
Supriadi, S., Rachman, P., Saragih, A. S., Whulanza, Y., Rahyussalim, A. J. & Triwidodo, A.,
AIP Conference Proceedings, 2021, 2344, 050021.

Hydrogel-based bioprinter design with support bath as printing environment
Varian, M., Whulanza, Y.
AIP Conference Proceedings, 2021, 2344, 020020

Flow focusing microfluidics or stem cell dual layers droplet microencapsulation
Fadhilah, S., Whulanza, Y.
AIP Conference Proceedings, 2021, 2344, 040014

Concept design and stress evaluation on modular mini plate for complex fracture maxillofacial trauma
Hasan, A.A.A.F., Supriadi, S., Kreshanti, P., Umas, R.A., Whulanza, Y.
AIP Conference Proceedings, 2021, 2344, 050016

The effect of mesenchymal stem cell-enriched scaffolds on mmp-8 and tgf-β levels of vertebrae postlaminoplasty in rabbit model
Rahyussalim, A. J., Sahputra, R. E., Yanwirasti, Manjas, M., Whulanza, Y., Kurniawati, T., Aprilya, D. & Zufar, M. L. L.
2021, Stem Cells and Cloning: Advances and Applications. 14, p. 27-37 11 p.